Vote Early and…Please Take This List of Endorsements With You

Early voting for the 2016 Primary Election is here! Please vote for Cox, Slaughter, Apffel, Montez, Fullen, Alvarez, and Robb when the polls open tomorrow.

Local Focus to Primary Endorsements

The “must-see-TV” nature of this year’s Presidential Primary is such that we’ll assume you’ve already made up your mind on that race (if you haven’t, know that we’ll be voting for Ted Cruz!). We’ll mention a few “top of the ticket” endorsements:

  • Supreme Court of Texas, Place 3: Michael Massengale
  • Supreme Court of Texas, Place 9: Eva Guzman
  • Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2: Ray Wheless
  • Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5: Brent Webster

…but overall our focus is on the hotly contested local races.

Some highlights:

56th Judicial Court: Lonnie Cox

The Commissioner’s Court Cabal had run roughshod over everyone until Lonnie and the other judges pushed back. No matter what creative spin Ken Clark and Mark Henry attempt to put on it, nor that of their puppet candidate – Wayne Mallia – the Commissioners have lost, lost, lost, and lost again in each court battle. The bottom line is the judiciary is independent by design and Cox is in the right. Moreover, Lonnie and his wife Alison embody every aspect of the term “public servant”, exemplified by their deep community involvement throughout the County. Vote Lonnie Cox, no question.

405th Judicial Court: Michelle Slaughter

We’ve already written extensively on Slaughter’s performance; the data bear witness to her hard work and commitment to the job. Vote Michelle Slaughter; again, no question.

Commissioners’ Court Precinct 1: Darrell Apffel

The election of Joe Giusti brought a reasoned conservative to the court. Adding Appfel ensures Giusti has an ally and a check on Henry and Clark when their tendency towards the  goonish begins to manifest. Paulissen is Clark and Henry’s puppet pick, ditto for Meeks. Vote Darrell Apffel.

Constable Precinct 1: Mike Montez

We had high hopes for Rick Sharp when he was elected and have been disappointed at his actual performance. Rick’s focus appears to be elsewhere and his office management is sloppy. In contrast, Montez is highly regarded. Vote Montez in this one.

Constable Precinct 2: Jimmy Fullen

No explanation is necessary; just do it.

County Chair: Marie Robb

We’ve written extensively about Meeks’; her knack for bullying, her penchant to flat-out lie, complete lack of integrity, use of the party as bully pulpit to hustle insurance, her attempts at king making with the crony candidate committee, extensive use of frivolous Texas Ethics filings to harass other Republicans, home wrecking (wait- we’ve not gone into that) – the list goes on and on. Gustafson is her hand-picked successor who in his short tenure as interim chair has proven to be an affable but mindless tool of Meeks and her goon squad.

Vote Marie Robb here; it’s time for a change of perspective and fresh ideas.

Sample Ballot: Did You Receive “The Republican”?

Our sample ballot went out by mail in our inaugural edition of “The Republican” newsletter. Hopefully you were one of the tens of thousands who received it. If not, a copy is conveniently provided below.

Giving Thanks…for Blessings…and Good Republicans…Like Slaughter.

Giving Thanks

If you voted in a recent Republican primary election, you were likely among the tens of thousands who received our direct mailing in November. It’s been a lively year in both national and local politics; lots of activities, scandals, skirmishes and kerfuffles. In other words, American democracy-in-action at its noisy, messy best.

To cut through the noise locally, seemed appropriate to us to send out a direct mail piece to the tens of thousands of Republican voters throughout our county, focusing attention on public servants doing a particularly good job.

We’re hopeful you’ll join us in supporting Cox, Johnson, Fullen, Sullivan, Trochesset, Giusti, and Slaughter (keep reading)! Filing ended today; very soon we’ll know who is opposed and who is not in the upcoming primary election.

About that ‘Confession’: We Enthusiastically Support Slaughter

Earlier today, we were tidying up the blog; categorizing things, archiving things. As we were going about this task, by mistake a notification was sent out about a blog post from two primaries back; yes, nearly four years ago. We repeat; THAT WAS AN ERROR- TOTAL GOOF– which occurred as we were archiving off that old, outdated content.

We support Judge Michelle Slaughter. In case you missed it, we wrote a detailed review of Slaughter’s performance on the 405th court. We could not be more proud of Judge Slaughter for her performance on the Court and for her dedicated public service, community volunteerism outside the court and we hope you feel the same way.

Merry Christmas

The Galveston County Conservatives PAC wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Enjoy this season as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And then stay tuned as we head into the primary election season; some good hot contests coming!


Report of the Tea Party’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

For the folks who enjoy sending us articles pronouncing the death, recurring death…no I really mean it this time…death of the tea party…in case you missed it, Eric Cantor just lost to Tea Party Challenger Dave Brat.

That is, FORMER House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Former darling of the conservative movement.

“…the report of my death was an exaggeration”.
-Mark Twain

Read it here:

NY Times

Fox News


“In a phone interview with CNN on Monday, Brat argued that Cantor was more attentive to donors in New York and California and big business groups than he is to enacting an agenda based on Republican ideals.” 

The US Chamber and the we-want-cheap-immigrant-labor crowd have been rattling sabers that they would stay on the sidelines in this cycle and the next if Boehner and Cantor did not deliver on amnesty. To save their necks, they’ve both been moving towards comprehensive immigration reform. And as a result, Cantor loses his seat to the tea party.

Rock and a hard place, seems that the overall result will be stalemate from the Hill…which can’t be all that bad, can it?


Texas GOP Convention: Photos, Coverage and Conservatives

We were among the 8,000 or so party faithful that attended the Super Bowl of Texas Republican Party politics in Fort Worth last week. The fiery and inspiring speeches of Ted Cruz, the brazen and ham-fisted effort by the party establishment to sell the “Texas Solution”, the strange but lively battle over medical marijuana, party chairman Steve Munisteri’s bold new idea for primaries and awarding delegates in the next Presidential cycle; we had a front row seat to it all.  Catch the highlights and see photos on our Facebook page, here:


A. The Republican Party is Growing

This is evidenced in the increasing turnout in local, county elections (of course) but also in the size and strength of the contingents which attend the RPT (Republican Party of Texas) state conventions. Growth is good.

B. The Republican Party is Growing More Conservative

While conservative candidates win some and lose some battles, both locally and state wide, the overall tone and tenor of the state party is growing ever more conservative.

Exhibit A is the manner in which the “Texas Solution” was shot down during the platform debate. The RPT insiders and the lobbyists threw everything they had at this immigration plan but it was soundly rejected. Good, bad or indifferent, it’s hard to argue that this rejection by the grassroots is anything else but the continued penetration of these same folks into the party’s inner operations, and the seasoning and maturation of these same folks through the bruising battles with the establishment.

Exhibit B are the wins by Daniel McCool and Tanya Robertson of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) man and woman posts. There were many good candidates vying for these posts – our hats off to JT Edwards for putting in a yeoman’s effort for the SREC male post – and some candidates had the endorsements of party insiders, elected officials and party chairs. When the voting was over, the tea-party candidates won by a mile. In the ladies race, it wasn’t even close – Tanya won by over 100 votes out of the 370-ish total available.  And in the men’s race both JT and Daniel – neither being establishment favorites – were the top two vote getters in round one…with Daniel ultimately winning in a close runoff.

Exhibit C is the ice cold reception offered to John Cornyn. Cornyn came onstage to an adaptation of Jimmy Dean’s 1961 hit, “Big John”, rewritten to immortalize his alleged bruising battles with the DC establishment. While a commendable effort by the RPT to provide a nice reception for the senior Senator from Texas, it failed to win over the crowd. The once conservative hero to Texas Republicans has a lot of work to do to mend fences with his once stalwart base after the back stabbing he gave Cruz last year. However, given Cornyn’s convincing win in his recent primary, he may not really care.

C. New Rules for Presidential Delegate Allocation Will Shake up the Presidential Cycle

Party Chair Steve Munisteri has concocted a new scheme for the allocation of Texas delegates to Presidential hopefuls. A complex affair, we’re still not fully clear on the complete workings of this proposed new scheme but our best efforts at a synopsis:

Texas sends 155 delegates to the national convention to select a presidential nominee

  • 75% of those delegates will be allocated during the March primary in the next, 2016, cycle
  • 25% of those delegates will be allocated during the party’s state convention, to occur in May that year
The intention is to increase the role of Texas in the national presidential nominee selection process by eliminating the winner-take-all currently in existence and thus requiring candidates to return to Texas a second time and stump for the balance of our delegation. The complete details of this new scheme were approved in the Rules Committee Report. We’re eager to see more details on this emerge from RPT.

Presidential Straw Poll: Ted Cruz Will Win Texas. Anywhere Else? We Can Only Hope

Cruz ran away with this poll. In a field of 15 candidates, Cruz polled at 43%. That Cruz will run for President is all but certain- the formation of SuperPacs to support Ted are proof to this. But can Ted win in New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and Iowa? And then nationally? We can only hope so.




Judge Henry: He’s 60% There.

We like it when candidates compete on merit. When they veer off into inventing complete fiction, we feel compelled to respond and at least attempt to set the record straight, to the extent that we can.

Judge Mark Henry used the Daily News to smear his opponent in a way that was 100% dishonest. Is he trying to distract voters from knowing that at least 40% of his time is spent chasing supplemental income, doing things we didn’t elect him to do?

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Should You Trust Urbanic’s Judgment or the Criminal Judgment Against Him?

This organization – website, political action committee, fundraising and promotions- was created as a direct result of the frustrating role and dominance of the ‘pay to play’ slate endorsements. Outraged at the role Dr. Hotze’s PAC was playing in our own local political races – endorsements that had little to nothing to do with the facts on the ground and everything to do with connections – we got organized and responded.

But a new one on us is the Felon Slate. Maybe you’ve gotten Simon Urbanic’s endorsement letter? Here’s what you should know.

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Faircloth: Not Wanting to Go Hungry, Backing Strauss for Speaker

Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss has been a lightning rod. Love him or oppose him, there’s no denying that a Republican Speaker put in place by the minority Democrat party and his track record since are issues meriting discussion during the primary.

In case you missed the Galveston Daily News Texas House District 23 Candidate Forum, candidate Wayne Faircloth stated his intention to back current House Speaker Joe Strauss for fear of being seated in the parking lot and going hungry.

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