Party Chair Meeks’ War On Fellow Republicans Must End

If you’re an elected Republican official, you know firsthand the cost in time and dollars of campaigning. Does the fact that the local party chair is actively working to undermine the efforts of other Republicans seeking office bother you at all? Or, so long as her efforts are directed toward others, are you okay with this? Continue reading

Devils and Whores! Where Did the Republican Unity Go? An Open Letter to Barbara Meeks.

Dear Barbara,

As I said in our Executive Committee meeting on July 9th, the Republican Unity Rally held June 20th was a good idea and the effect of increasing the harmony and team spirit amongst the local GOP was a great outcome. Excellent speakers (Apostle Claver, Borah Van Dormolen, Jeannie Koenig, Linda Burton, JT Edwards, others), excellent results!

I was puzzled therefore to receive the attached correspondence wherein it would seem that just a week after the Unity rally, you were calling me out as a devil behind the scenes Continue reading

Hatred is the Best Form of Flattery

Galveston County Conservatives is a group led by Galveston County Republican Party Precinct Chair Jason Delgado. But first…

Maybe today you got one of the anonymous robocalls that attempted to smear Galveston County Conservatives as an “illegal PAC supported by Democrat trial-lawyers who are backing…Wayne Mallia”. Upon investigation, it would seem that this has originated from folks connected with the Slaughter campaign. Continue reading