Republicans Ahead with Hispanics: Voter Outreach Priorities for the Local GOP

If you’ve been tempted to believe that the presidential polls have swung decisively in Romney’s favor because of a strong 1 ½ hour television performance, think again. As Rush explains, the polls of June through September telling us that Obama has been in the lead were not intended to reflect public opinion but rather to shape it. Alleged weakness among Hispanic, youth and various other voter categories has not suddenly reversed.  Instead, the pollster bias identified in a previous post has been reduced as we near Election Day, enabling us to see a more accurate reflection of what has been in existence all along.

Conspiracy theory? A close look at voter behavior right here in Galveston County would suggest that Rush is right and the conventional wisdom – that Republicans overall and the Romney/Ryan ticket in particular trail Democrats badly among younger voters and Hispanics – is just wrong. Continue reading

SCOREBOARD: Tea Party Cruz Destroying the Establishment, 52 to 42

Or at least Ted Cruz is destroying the establishment’s candidate, David Dewhurst, says Business Insider. According to Public Policy Polling, the standings in the Republican Senate runoff “finds Ted Cruz opening up a 52-42 lead, an increase from our survey two weeks ago that found him ahead 49-44″. Continue reading