Hatred is the Best Form of Flattery

Galveston County Conservatives is a group led by Galveston County Republican Party Precinct Chair Jason Delgado. But first…

Maybe today you got one of the anonymous robocalls that attempted to smear Galveston County Conservatives as an “illegal PAC supported by Democrat trial-lawyers who are backing…Wayne Mallia”. Upon investigation, it would seem that this has originated from folks connected with the Slaughter campaign. This was disappointing; as former Slaughter supporters ourselves, we knew we’d earned Michelle’s ire when we changed positions and began supporting the re-election of Judge Mallia but we had not expected Michelle to simply begin making things up about us. Hopefully we’re wrong about this – it’s not easy tracking down anonymous robobcalls – but the evidence gathered so far points in her direction.

Or maybe you’ve received a robocall paid for by Wayne Faircloth and quoting a prominent, career politician that because we staunchly oppose Faircloth and his agent’s PAC who exploit TWIA for profits, we are therefore “a group backed by Craig Eiland and “trial lawyers” (them pesky trial lawyers again). Craig would doubtless be startled to hear this one as we suspect he has us pretty high on his political enemies list. Particularly ironic about Faircloth’s robocalls is that it is Faircloth who has a track record of being chummy with ole’ Craig, of making political contributions to Craig. We nor anyone associated with us has ever written checks to support Democrat Craig Eiland but Wayne Faircloth has.

Or maybe you’ve heard the one being pushed by the Queen of Mean, Barbara Meeks, Galveston County Republican Party Chair and her right arm, Kathy Rogers? Their version is that this organization is funded by the Doyle family of Texas City, or various other derivatives of this story.

On the one hand, we’re flattered! These folks have apparently gotten so flummoxed by our efforts to promote the good guys, the folks they don’t support nor want supported, the folks we sincerely believe are the best fit for public office…that we’ve occupied enough of their mind share they’ve had to turn their nastiness toward us in an effort to destroy our credibility. You know you’ve been effective when people you were not focused on come out of the woodwork to try and smear you. 

On the other hand, by keeping our personal profiles low we’ve inadvertently opened ourselves up to such smears. Therefore, be it known that Galveston County Conservatives is headed by Jason Delgado but represents a number of passionate, conservative voters and political activists.

What we’ve learned through the past few years of being active in the party organization itself is that the Republican Party has a purpose but it’s purpose is not necessarily focused on achieving conservative political outcomes. We’ve created this organization to focus on achieving conservative political outcomes, not to kiss the rings of local party chieftans.

Sorry to have upset you, Meeks, Rogers, Faircloth and Slaughter. But we’re pleased to learn how much you care! We’ll be sure to friend you on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Hatred is the Best Form of Flattery

  1. As you well know it is a false statement that you are financed by the Doyles of Texas City but we do find the goals of your organization to be commendable and in the interest of our citizens of Galveston County.

  2. Well said. Seems some of these folks need to do their homework and stop throwing innuendos and half truths out for public consumption. The GC Republican Party and its candidates are being manuvered and out played by the leadership of the GC Democrat Party. This started 4 years ago and we are still about 4 chapters behind. When you can get your enemy to devour itself from within, you have accompolished something. And make the enemy pay for its own self destruction, wow, that is amazing.

    Magna Cum Laude from the school of hard knocks. jb

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