Devils and Whores! Where Did the Republican Unity Go? An Open Letter to Barbara Meeks.

Dear Barbara,

As I said in our Executive Committee meeting on July 9th, the Republican Unity Rally held June 20th was a good idea and the effect of increasing the harmony and team spirit amongst the local GOP was a great outcome. Excellent speakers (Apostle Claver, Borah Van Dormolen, Jeannie Koenig, Linda Burton, JT Edwards, others), excellent results!

I was puzzled therefore to receive the attached correspondence wherein it would seem that just a week after the Unity rally, you were calling me out as a devil behind the scenes and that my efforts to help Republicans get elected ‘disgusted’ you.

Our little group’s efforts are no more “pay-to-play” than the party magazine mailer you organized which everyone paid for but you. Hopefully this clears that up.

Committed to Outreach through Parades and Racial Diversity

By the way, the Galveston and Texas City parades were a blast! JT Edwards was with us in Galveston and drove a golfcart in addition to our outreach efforts with the parade float. So he and I did provide the racial diversity (Hispanic, African-American) suggested by party vice president Sandra Tetley (See below). All in, we’ve done nine parades now!

Clearing up the Doyle Mixup

But these allegations by party Secretary Kathy Rogers alleging that our little group is funded by the Doyle family of Texas City are just flat-out wrong.


Understanding Why We’re for Mark Foster and Against Ryan Dennard

Was it Kathy’s suggestion (above) which misled you into believing this thing about the Doyles? Your email (below) goes further on this topic.

Please know that we endorsed Mark Foster for the reasons we explained on our “Endorsements” page. The Doyle’s are a nice family but as former Mayor Charles Doyle has publicly stated, here, we’ve gotten no funds from his family or anyone connected to his family. So this is probably just another mix-up.

Is Scrutiny of Faircloth’s Lies and $61K in State Farm Agent PAC Funding a Smear?

But imagine my further astonishment to receive the attached direct mailer which says “Democrats are funding a smear campaign …If you have any questions”…to please “contact Barbara Meeks to set the record straight”. Barbara, to my knowledge, Galveston County Conservative Republicans is the only group that has been critical of candidate Wayne Faircloth. As you know, his campaign is underwritten by the State Farm Agent’s PAC to the tune of $61K with a bunch more coming privately from the same agents and about $20K from open-borders, pro-illegal immigration and sanctuary-cities booster Bob Perry as well. And Faircloth has spread so much of that money around, with checks to the party, to local auxiliaries, and so on, most everybody have just bowed down for Wayne’s coronation regardless that he’s a serial liar. Since these things are true and fair criticism, it didn’t seem to us a smear. Was your message in this mailer referring to us? Hopefully not but the robocalls we received earlier this week with a similar message and your endorsement suggest a pattern. Please set the record straight.


Getting Back on Track: to Unity and Beyond!

Barbara, we’ve not been whoring and your help in understanding these things, getting stuff straightened out, would be greatly appreciated. Soon as this primary is behind us, we’ve got a tough job ahead to (1.) ensure our next Senator from Texas is a Republican, (2.) that CD-14 stays Republican, and (3.) that HD-24 and HD-23 are won by Republicans we can count on for reform in Austin.

The polls are showing a potential Reagan v. Carter, Reagan v. Mondale landslide looming! I agree with the things you said at the Unity Rally; we have to unite behind getting good Republicans elected because Obama-must-go (OMG).

Thanks for your time with this note!

Jason Delgado, Republican Party Precinct 343 Chair

4 thoughts on “Devils and Whores! Where Did the Republican Unity Go? An Open Letter to Barbara Meeks.

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  2. It seems these emails from Barbara Meeks are only addressed to certain members of the executive committee, as I haven’t seen them before now and I am a Precinct Chair.

    If the 3 floats in the parades didn’t include the GCGOP, why? Floats were offered and accepted by everyone who wanted one and I offered another trailer of my own as well.

    Great thanks to Robert Buchanan for dressing as the only Uncle Sam in the Texas City and Galveston parades.
    Diane Brodie PC224

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