SCOREBOARD: Tea Party Cruz Destroying the Establishment, 52 to 42

Or at least Ted Cruz is destroying the establishment’s candidate, David Dewhurst, says Business Insider. According to Public Policy Polling, the standings in the Republican Senate runoff “finds Ted Cruz opening up a 52-42 lead, an increase from our survey two weeks ago that found him ahead 49-44″. This explains the one direct mail and 6 emails per day we have all been receiving from team Dewhurst.

They go on to say “Cruz’s victory is driven by 4 things: the Tea Party, the enthusiasm of his supporters, a generational divide within the Texas Republican ranks, and the lack of regard the party base currently holds for Rick Perry.

Cruz is ahead by a whooping 75-22 margin with Tea Party  voters,”.

This would seem to be in contrast to some local establishmentarians who believe that the tea party is “Over”. Also serves to explain why local establishment candidates, formerly scornful of the humble tea partiers, are scrambling to get tea party endorsements on their direct mailers. Funny stuff.

Go vote for Ted and take someone with you. Remember to vote for Randy Weber, for Bonnen, Greg Parker, Bill Wallace, Wayne Mallia, Henry Trochesset and Mark Foster. Better yet, take a copy of this page with you.

3 thoughts on “SCOREBOARD: Tea Party Cruz Destroying the Establishment, 52 to 42

  1. I just sent another email to the Dewhurst campaign telling them how sick I am of the negative claims they are making. This was in response to another email they sent me that was full of vitriolic comments.

    Why are you encouraging people to vote for Wayne Malia a known Democrat? The Tea Party supported Michelle Slaughter.

    • Hi Malinda,

      We’ve explained our logic for supporting Mallia a few times. Check out “Confessions of a Former Slaughter Supporter” and the page for “Endorsements 2012”.

      Regarding Tea Party endorsements:
      1. The Galveston County Tea Party has not endorsed anyone. Larry Schumacher has, unfortunately, run wild and been endorsing people and using his role in the that tea party to imply a group endorsement but it is not; those are Larry’s personal preferences.

      2. The Clear Lake Tea Party has endorsed Slaughter. We disagree with them, for the reasons cited in the previously referenced blog posts. Of note, we don’t endorse people because it’s popular and we’ve taken tremendous fire for our choices. You can trust that we’ve vetted these people and we endorse them because we believe their the right people for the job.

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