The Good Guys Win

The dust has settled and while not all of our endorsed candidates won we are pleased to see that many did. Regardless of our picks, we’re hopeful that all of last night’s winners prove to be ‘good guys’, (“guy” being a gender neutral term as applied here).

5 lessons learned for political junkies and one warm welcome for our new precinct chairs. First, the lessons:

1.) Ted Cruz. Wow!

Scoreboard: With over 1.1M votes cast in this race, the final tally of 56.8% Cruz to 43.2% Dewhurst was a resounding upset to the planned coronation of our party establishment’s candidate. The margin was even larger with Cruz getting 59% of the vote locally. Shazam!

It would seem that the rumors of the tea party’s demise were greatly exaggerated. The tea party got behind the long shot Cruz candidacy and helped Ted’s campaign go viral, making Cruz a national political star. Cruz is certain to win in November. When coupled with another big tea party win, Richard Mourdock in Indiana, and hopefully at least 5 of these 10 other Senate seats the GOP will have the 51 votes and steely leadership we need to repeal Obamacare and put this country back on track.

A lesson that is not likely to stick; that Austin politicians will be held accountable. Dewhurst could not outrun his record. JoAnn Fleming summarized it well but while she was focused on Dewhurst you could remove the name and apply this summary to the performance of a whole bunch of folks in Austin during the 82nd.

For the scrapbook: the Dewhurst robocall which followed the rally for Cruz in the Woodlands headlined by Sarah Palin was funny stuff. It featured a female, Palin-sounding-voice stating “I’m Sarah and I’m supporting Governor Dewhurst…”.

2.) Randy Weber. Bam!

Scoreboard: 36,977 votes cast and Randy takes 62% of them.

We’ve stated this before; when the conservative grass roots uprising began in 2009 and the local folks went to Austin to lobby for conservative causes, Randy Weber was one of the few legislators who made time for us. Randy returned our calls and showed the folks from back home how to navigate the system. With a battle looming between Galveston and the feds over housing we will need a similar, friendly advocate in Washington.

Unlike Cruz, however, Randy will face a difficult battle against a seasoned Nick Lampson to get to victory in November. We plan to work hard in this race and we hope you will, too.

3.) Railroad Commissioner, Mixed Results

Scoreboard: 986,069 votes cast, Christi Craddick 59% over Warren Chisum 40%. Allright now!  We did not endorse in this race but we did vote for Christi and are delighted to see her win.

Scoreboard: 934,156 votes cast, Barry Smitherman 62%, Greg Parker 37%. Ugh. What this win by the green energy lobby represents is a threat to property rights and your personal privacy. Evidently not enough voters care that Smitherman is an enthusiastic supporter of President Obama’s SmartGrid initiative; folks don’t care that Smitherman has enabled ERCOT and the Public Utilities Commission to monitor their electricity consumption habits. “Agenda 21- what Agenda 21”?

Let’s hope those monitoring how much air conditioning we use, when we take a shower, what time we get up and make coffee and breakfast are friendly and understanding about those “insights” they gain into our behavior, courtesy of Smitherman and his smartmeters.

4.) State Rep Races. Bonnen!

Scoreboard (HD-24): 14,859 votes cast and Bonnen takes 57%. Ka-POW! We’re enthusiastic supporters of Dr. Bonnen and look for him to win in November and represent us well in Austin. Congratulations to the Bonnen team and thanks to the many friends who worked with us to help out.

The local GOP can breathe a sigh of relief. A Sitton victory would have set up local Democrats to use legal action to remove him from the ballot putting North County Republicans into a write-in-ballot predicament like we saw played out in 2006. You may recall that when Tom Delay withdrew from the CD-22 race, Democrats successfully sued to keep a replacement off the ballot forcing the Sekula-Gibbs write in campaign. You may also recall that Nick Lampson won (yes, that Nick Lampson). With this debacle avoided, hopefully, we can improve our candidate review process and avoid similar carpet bagging in the future.

Scoreboard (HD-23): 8,814 votes cast, Big Insurance takes 56%. Ugh. A deluge of fairy tale Faircloth direct mail and poor Chambers County voter turnout combined to sink Bill Wallace. Yes, we are disappointed because we’ve been in Austin and have seen firsthand the stranglehold the insurance lobby has on TWIA and your pocketbook.

For the establishmentarians who endorsed Big Insurance’s bid to get this nomination, know that you’ve brought us a rematch of Ali vs. Frazier; call this one “‘Big Insurance Lawyer’ versus ‘Big Insurance’” or perhaps “the Thrilla in Vanilla”.

In this sequel expect Big Insurance, as played by Wayne Faircloth, to continue its representation of itself as your all-American, hotdogs and apple-pie hero. Meantime, the plaintiffs lobby will update its “Why Larry, Why” attack we saw most recently in SD-11 theaters (Larry Taylor vs. Dave Norman).  Like Larry Taylor, Craig Eiland has a similar mythic-folklore quality to his support in HD 23 (UTMB) that Big Insurance will have to overcome. Big Insurance won the battle for SD-11 but this time they won’t have the North County on their side.

It will be interesting to see how Big Insurance defends itself. Given their track record of backing Democrats (no, not one-time Democrats but actual real, live liberal Democrats) like Senfronia Thompson (Democrat, HD 141) and Garnet Coleman (Democrat, HD 147) in this years primary how will this square with the fable Faircloth commonly spins about his “1,400 friends who believe in me, think I’m the man for this job…”? South County – make popcorn; this will be a good show coming to a mailbox and television screen near you.

5.) North versus South

Scoreboard (405th): Mallia v. Slaughter. With Slaughter taking 52% of the vote, we lost a good judge to a raging fever of “real republican”-ism in the North County.  Elections have consequences; we encourage folks to monitor the following:

  • The Ken Clark collaboration. Despite Michelle’s protests that she only paid Ken for ‘lists and stuff’, the evidence is to the contrary. Ken was actively driving Michelle’s campaign strategy and creating the poison heaped upon Mallia. Where does this relationship go, given the storm clouds swirling over Ken? Hopefully, nowhere and Michelle will create distance between herself and her patron.
  • The DeepWater Horizon/Tony Buzbee Connection. Scrutiny of the Slaughter campaign finance report brings worry. In addition to taking donations from jackpot justice lawyer Anthony Buzbee there’s a group of Corpus Christi attorneys that have provided over $25K in contributions; this bears watching. Some appear to be assembling a potential class-action case against BP. They will be looking for a sympathetic judge to certify their suit, enabling them to go shakedown a big, local employer and a major engine of our economy.

Scoreboard (Sheriff): Kinard v. Trochesset. With 20,365 votes cast, Henry eked out a nail biter win with 50.5% and a margin of 207 votes. It was no coincidence that every other former candidate for the Sheriff race endorsed Henry; he’s earned their respect and we expect in time he will earn that of Kinard voters as well. North County, you did not get your man but you did get a good man for the job. Congratulations, Henry.

Scoreboard (Co. Comm PCT-1): Dennard v. Foster. With 5,803 votes cast, Ken Clark’s proxy wins this one with 53% of the vote and the North County chalks up another win. People always say they don’t like negative campaigning; Dennard’s carpet bombing of Precinct 1 with misinformation and outright lies about Foster is another proof that it works. That Dennard admitted in an interview with folks in Clear Lake that he had no proof for his slanders proved him to be completely lacking of any personal integrity.

Politics is a rough sport and campaigns can be savage; so be it. But the view into someone’s character when they are under pressure can be revealing and we think there is a line between hard campaigning and making stuff up. That line is called integrity. Wow.

Welcome, New GOP Precinct Chairs!

A number of new precinct chairs were added to the party yesterday. Welcome to Addie Pappous, Tanya Beltran, Tony Clements, Christopher Reeves and Ruth Pifer. Like any big family, you will discover that the GOP Executive Committee may have its internal knock-down, drag-outs but will usually circle the wagons when attacked from outside. Know that we are delighted to have you join us! Welcome!

The runoff is in the books but we’re interested in your comments and observations.


8 thoughts on “The Good Guys Win

  1. I was at the Ted Cruz watch/victory party and it was awesome. Chik-Fil-A was served and since I don’t eat chicken we went to the dining room at the JW Marriott for a bite. At 8:30, just an hour and a half after the polls closed it was announced that Ted Cruz had won. We hurried back to the party afraid to miss anything more.

    Michael Berry was the MC and instructed the crowd to wave signs and cheer loudly for the cameras when Ted entered the room and then keep the signs down when Ted spoke to allow the nation to see our candidate televised. Ted thanked just about every person in Texas and around the nation who had helped the campaign; and I mean he was actually reading from a donor list. He thanked God, his wife, daughters he called “little angels”, and his mom and his hero, his dad. Ted was gracious in thanking David Dewhurst for his military service and many years as Lt Governor and invited his supporters to join the Cruz campaign.

    The crowd was excited, Ted was humble and energized, the band played “Deep in the Heart of Texas” while people danced. Mary and Dale Huls were at the party representing the Clear Lake Tea Party. I was alerted to Ted Cruz early last year and first saw him at the CLTP candidate job interview event, so it was fun to be part of such an exciting campaign from start to finish.
    Diane Brodie PC224

  2. Thanks Jason! Looking forward to November! I am happy about Cruz winning, he will do a great job:) Now the party needs to come together…;)

  3. As a long time supporter of Ted Cruz I am so happy that he won. I love it that even in a hectic campaign he thought ahead to serve Chik-fil-A. and support traditional family values.

    To the southern Galveston County Republicans…I think you are going to find that Michelle Slaughter is going to be a terrific Judge that we can all be proud of.

    P.S. Remeber today is Chik-fil-A day.

    • Hi Malinda,

      We hope so.

      We will be supportive in true Reagan fashion; trust but verify.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Hello,

    Excellent analysis by the GCC… But the tale of the tape is in the undervotes.

    Look carefully and consider just what grassroots campaigning does:

    In GalCo only:

    Ted Cruz’s victory – 21k folks voted, only 651 folks didn’t make a choice. That means both campaigns got the word out.

    Randy Weber’s victory – 18k folks voted, 1.8k folks didn’t make a choice. I bet mostly from JeffCo or BrazCo. Again great campaigns ran with solid brand recognition.

    Conversely, look us look at how undervotes cost some candidates:

    Michelle Slaughter’s victory – 20k voted, she won by 1200 votes. However there was a whopping total of 1.6k undervotes…. Could those votes have carried Malia to victory had he spent more time (and had better team)? Who knows….

    Kerry Neves’ victory – 18.2k voted, he romped easily in his race; however, Young could have beaten him if he carried the undervote total of 3.7k. Neves got his message out, Young did not.

    Henry Trochesset’s victory – 20.3k voted, Henry won by a mere 194 votes. Yet, 1.5k voters decided not to vote in this race (undervotes). The race could have went either way in a hotly contested race between to very good candidates.

    Undervotes…. Manna from Heaven or Viper Poison? Either way, this proves that Grassroots works and conventional electioneering does not.

  5. My husband is STILL in line trying to get us some ChickfilA for lunch!

    Cruz was kind enough to thank the Republican WOMEN along with the TEAParty and GrassRoots organizations last night. I REALLY appreciate that! And to think the media keeps saying that the TEAParty has disappeared from the scene…NOT!

  6. So inspiring! This is the kind of thing we should be doing in Nueces County where there doesn’t seem to be a Tea Party that actually does anything. I would like very much to see one form. I contacted national and they told me you may be able to help. Would really like to hear from you.! Thanks.

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