Party Chair Meeks’ War On Fellow Republicans Must End

If you’re an elected Republican official, you know firsthand the cost in time and dollars of campaigning. Does the fact that the local party chair is actively working to undermine the efforts of other Republicans seeking office bother you at all? Or, so long as her efforts are directed toward others, are you okay with this?

Known Knowns: that Our Party Chair is the Keeper of the Nasty Rumor Mill 

Long time readers of this GCC blog have learned of Barbara Meeks dirty tricks against other Republicans as described in the “Devils and Whores…” post. For newcomers to this site and new, recently elected precinct chairs, read this post where Meeks efforts to churn up rumors against those she disagrees with were exposed. While publicly the face of party ‘loyalty’, behind the scenes Meeks and her cronies cheerfully bandy about new rumors they intend to spread to defame fellow Republicans with whom the disagree.

New! Frivolous Ethics Complaints to Intimidate Current Republican Candidates

Not known for integrity nor for being cowed by public shame, instead Meeks and team have been busily working during this election season to smear, defame and intimidate other fellow Republicans. But this time her sights are focused on Republicans running for office. 

Heidi Thiess, who was a Republican Party Precinct Chair until just recently, is known to many as a former candidate for Texas House District 24. Perhaps unknown to folks who don’t live in League City, Heidi is a current candidate for League City Council. Shown below is the ethics filing filed by Barbara’s Vice Chair, Sandra Jones Tetley against Heidi. Filed by Tetley in September, it alleges some obscure issues with Heidi’s campaign for HD-24.

Why on earth would a Republican party official and one of Barbara Meeks’ Executive Board file a frivolous ethics complaint against a Republican currently seeking office? Answer: Thiess supporters uncovered Meeks’ support for Thiess opponent, Mick Phalen, a longtime fan of Democrat President Obama.

But Wait, There’s More: Phony Signs Printed and Placed to Confuse League City Voters

In an internal email to local Republican party precinct chairs and elected officials, the same Executive Board member and Party Vice Chair Sandra Jones Tetly attempted to a photo of a political sign as support for her ethics complaint against Thiess. The photo shows a sign which leads the viewer to believe that Thiess and another candidate for League City Council, Geri Bentley are being promoted by the Democrat party as Democrat candidates.

Neither candidate had anything to do with this sign. In fact, Heidi’s last name is incorrectly, Geri Bentley is an active precinct chair within the local Republican party and as stated previously Thiess was most recently a precinct chair in our party and a candidate for HD-24. It is preposterous to think either would have consent to/support/or in any other way agree with having their names printed on such a sign.  

Lloyd Criss, Democrat party chair, has gone public denouncing the sign and declaring that none of his candidates nor his party had anything to do with it. 

The printer of the signs has been identified and legal action is being contemplated against the perpetrators of this fraud, including a complaint filing with the Texas Ethics Commission against the responsible parties.

With Friends Like Meeks, Republicans Don’t Need Enemies. Meeks Must Resign.

Keep in mind that candidates volunteer to run for office and particularly at these local levels, completely fund their campaigns themselves. That our local party Executive Board would organize and perpetrate efforts to undermine such fellow Republicans who put their time, effort and in many instances, life savings on the line is outrageous. Yes, politics is a rough sport but generally we know who the opposing team is. Under Meeks leadership, friendly fire has done more damage to our candidates than any opposition from Democrats.

It’s time for Meeks to go. Republican officials and precinct chairs need to come together and demand in unison that Barbara Meeks resign.





4 thoughts on “Party Chair Meeks’ War On Fellow Republicans Must End

  1. Evil is as Evil does. Barbara Meeks has no ethical blood, to my knowledge, flowing through her veins. She has pitted the Galveston County Republican Party against each other in ways that are incomprehensible. … Republicans would be wise to call for her resignation before it is too late to salvage what she has been and is currently destroying. She has already jeopardized two major candidates’ elections with her lies. If I were Weber or Faicloth, I would stay as far away from her as possible. It also appears that she chooses to hang out with people of the same distainful nature. Hopefully some of those people will see the light and not go down with the Captain of the ship.

  2. …I am very disappointed by the actions of the current leadership. They seem so insecure and emotionally unstable that they can not seek help from any of the qualified and very knowledgeable sources that could be available. … Some of the races in our area, IE: state Rep. US Congress, city counsel, Sheriff , etc. are going to be a lot closer than was necessary. The party is so fractured and the leadership has worked against the local grass root groups causing them to provide no support, money or boots on the ground and even to vote for democrats and others. That is sad.

    Leadership threw Faircloth under the bus with a very childish statement to the press, discouraged thousand of T Party conservative who could have been available to block walk and phone bank, has actively promoted Democrats in local non partician elections against a sitting Precinct Chair and another life long Republican, who is recognized across the county as a great conservative and staunch Republican. And have you checked the latest finiancial statement provided to the state? …the party has no budget and no one I know has seen the new by laws or the party platform. It is discouraging and I fail to understand why the incumbent Republicans, Judge Cox, Ken Clark, Cheryl Johnson, Mark Henry, etc, do not demand a halt to this fiasco we know as the GCRP. The party needs focus and direction provided by strong knowledgabel leadership. Meeks has no clue… jb

  3. I haven’t seen this article before, so allow me to add a few more facts:

    In total, the officers of the Galveston County Republican Party filed 8 frivolous complaints against fellow Republicans: me and my former campaign Treasurer, Geri Bentley. The filings were made AFTER the GOP County Chairwoman, Barbara Meeks, publicly endorsed both of our opponents in the League City City Council election (neither of whom were Republicans). We, on the other hand, were active Tea Party Republicans in excellent standing; I was a recent precinct chair and state delegate and Geri was a current precinct chair and state delegate.

    GCRP Secretary, Kathy Rogers, filed 2 complaints – one against me and one against Geri.

    GCRP Vice-Chair, Sandra Tetley also filed 2 – one against me and one against Geri.

    Meeks’ rabid attack dog, GCRP Sergeant-At-Arms, Shawn Phillips filed 4 complaints, one with the Texas Ethics commission against Geri, and one against me, and also two identical complaints filed with the Federal Elections Commission, one against me and one against my husband Andy, my current Treasurer. All were dismissed.

    So…what was your Republican leadership doing in the final 2 months of the 2012 election? Harassing, defaming, and sabotaging two municipal candidates in a NON-PARTISAN race! The 8 complaints, as they were meant to district and derail us from our campaigns, were lengthy, time-consuming, and costly in more ways than one. There are clear indications of collusion across the 8 similar complaints & the fetid conspiracies therein, and certainly between the 3 complainants – all ranking officers of GCRP who report to the elected Chair, Barbara Meeks. (It is preposterous for her to claim she had nothing to do with it! She is absolutely lying.) Indeed, the 8 separate filings revealed the embarrassment of time the entire GCRP leadership wasted on attacking Geri and I instead of working for the election of Republicans across the county, state, and nation.

    It is quite clear that the Republican leadership wielded the TEC and FEC complaints as a potent political weapon. The Republican leadership, who have been traced as the root of several of the most heinous lies and rumors against me personally, were obviously NOT concerned about actual ethics violations, because not once did they pick up the phone and relay any concerns to me or Geri Bentley. They did not counsel, advise, direct, or in any other way try and correct any issues they claimed they had with our filings. Instead, they fomented conspiracies, lies, rumors, and outright fabrications, and then proceeded to file them with the State of Texas, thereby wasting YOUR tax dollars by tying up multiple TEC attorneys and staff to review and eventually DISMISS the frivolous complaints. Yes, the taxpayers had to foot the bill for the TEC and FEC to look into 8 nonsensical complaints that are the direct result of a vindictive Republican leadership unhindered by the conscientious burdens of true leadership. Ask them, and they will likely gleefully tell you they are PROUD of their behavior.

    As for the fraudulent “Democrat” sign (which was NOT printed by any Democrat, by the way)… simply consider the fact that the sign was surreptitiously delivered during early voting to the largest voting location in League City, after 5:30 pm, and 20 minutes after I myself had left the area. Conveniently, a large crowd of Republican officials “just happened” to be gathered outside and they were all too happy to take pictures of the fraudulent sign and then distribute them via text, email, Facebook, and Twitter with the false caption that Geri and I had “finally announced that we were Democrats.” I guess they figured if they couldn’t smear us by calling us “Tea Party radicals”, they would try and swing public opinion in the opposite direction. It was a ridiculous ploy, and it backfired. Badly. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike all banded together to SWEEP in two staunch TEA PARTY candidates, against all the best efforts of a totally corrupt Republican leadership. Geri and I were not elected because of any ONE Party, we were elected in spite of our own Party!

    One of the most gleeful and vicious of the Republicans was Party minion Roxann Lewis. She, when politely confronted with the TRUTH by Geri Bentley, refused to remove or correct her false narrative. Many iterations of this planted lie are still on her Facebook page to this day. After all, why should she care about the TRUTH? After all, the GCRP leadership has little acquaintance with integrity and conscience. Besides, the damage had already been done among their hapless followers inside the Republican Establishment – those sheeple who tolerate their bad behavior, their rumor-mongering, their vicious sabotage of Conservative candidates. Surprisingly, the ugly incident generated rightful outrage among Democrats, who immediately set the record straight, but evoked snide glee among Establishment Republicans, who were heard to remark they were GLAD for the damage to our reputations because well…they didn’t like us anyway. Right. That’s moral. Never let the TRUTH get in the way of a tawdry political attack, right?

    And now these same crooked yahoos are asking YOU to trust them with the vetting and counseling and advising of new Republican candidates. What a recipe for disaster! They are not morally qualified to lead, mentor, or advise anyone, unless you are content to settle for a tightly controlled ring of frauds and criminals who PAY THEIR WAY into Barbara Meeks’ and her cronies’ good graces. Good luck with that!

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