Your Call: Back Room Deals or Let the Voters Decide?

Sunday’s Galveston Daily News ran a story about Barbara Meek’s intention to adopt a “Seal of Approval” process for bestowing the party’s blessing on Republican primary candidates. Fellow Republicans must strongly oppose this action and instead support letting the voters decide who our candidates will be. Here’s the back story you need to know which was only summarized in the GDN article.


Meeks’ “Seal of Approval” would be awarded to candidates who meet certain criteria as defined by the party chair. Criteria is likely to include past voting activity, primary voting activity, previous donations to the party, other actions or activities on behalf of the party. Meeks likes to downplay the obvious – that the selections will be hand-picked by her – by saying that the Candidate Review Committee is an ‘independent committee’. It’s not clear how her committee can be any more independent of her than the IRS is independent of Obama given that the leadership of is chosen by her, just as Obama appoints the head of the IRS. Don’t be fooled.


If the party executive committee agrees to this proposed “Seal of Approval”, expect this to become a potent political tool of the Chair. Presuming these rules existed in past elections, they would have prevented many notable Republicans from ever getting on the ballot. Lonnie Cox (previously a Dem), Michelle Slaughter (never voted in a primary), and County Sheriff Henry Trochessett (previously a Dem) would all have been unlikely to have received the “Seal of Approval” under the proposed criteria. In contrast, given that Dupuy was unopposed in his race and Jason Murray was sponsored by influential members of the party…both would have likely been given this “Seal of Approval”. So at best, this new process would be counterproductive and unlikely to achieve Meeks stated purpose of “progress”.


Instead, approving this “Seal of Approval” will give Meeks a political weapon with which she can eliminate anyone from the party’s primary who doesn’t cooperate with her personal agenda.  Doubt this?

  • Recall how Meek’s put her team Kathy Rogers/Sandra Tetley/Shawn Phillips to work filing frivolous ethics complaints against Geri Bentley and Heidi Thiess, Republicans in good standing, while both were candidates in League City. See “Meeks’ War on Fellow Republicans” for the story.

Of note, at the same time Meeks has her team harassing fellow Republicans, she is professing her commitment to party unity and loyalty. The illustration nearby summarizes some other notable Meeks’ moments in unity.

One can expect the candidate committee to award the “Seal of Approval” to candidates Meeks favors.  And here’s a thought question: whom would the candidate review committee award its approval to in a race between Meeks and a challenger for the party chair? Hmm.

Once granted the “Seal of Approval”, party bank accounts can be used to fund voter mail-outs to 60,000 households which promote herself and her candidates as the only ballot choices that have been approved by the Galveston County Republican Party. For any opposing candidates this will be an overwhelming influence since such widely distributed publicity cannot be adequately matched by most individual campaigns.


The “Seal-of-Approval” will establish Meeks as the most powerful Republican politico in Galveston County.  Elected officials will be compelled to bow before Meeks to earn her blessing in any primary election. Recall that after the 2010 elections, Barbara went before the Commissioners Court, demanded that the incumbent vendor be pushed aside and that she be granted unrestricted access to sell insurance to county employees while they work. She won. The illustration nearby is an excerpt from the County Commissioners Court January 2011 meeting wherein Meeks made her pitch. Question: does it bother you at all that an elected official is selling products to government employees, using her position to gain access to pitch a captive audience? Who can predict what it will cost to earn Meeks future favor if the party executive committee grants Meeks this power. Anyone seeking re-election should consider the implications carefully.


In each of the instances outlined above, the power of the people is subverted.  Candidates will no longer face the voters on their own merits in a fair contest. Instead, Meeks becomes kingmaker. Still doubtful? Already Meeks as party chair is out telling the public who to vote for.

  • July 25th (last week), Meeks endorsed Patricia Grady as the best candidate for judge in the race for the 212th.
  • June 20th (last month), Meeks endorsed Kerrie Foley for County Court 3.

Both of these candidates are nice ladies but elections are still 8 months away. Voters haven’t even begun to pay attention yet meantime Meeks has already crowned a winner in both races. Expect her to do the same in the HD-23 race, others…

If you are against corruption and political cronyism you cannot support this maneuver.  Attend tomorrow nights’ Executive Committee meeting (Tuesday, 7/30), at the Calder County Annex, 174 Calder Rd., League City, at 7PM to show your support for letting Republican voters decide who represents us and your opposition to party bosses doing the deciding for you.

14 thoughts on “Your Call: Back Room Deals or Let the Voters Decide?

  1. It is a little known fact that candidates for County Chair are not required to file campaign finance reports with the state or anyone else. This seal of approval smells of back room Chicago style politics where whomever greases the palm of the bestower with the most cash, gold, etc gets the coveted blessing of the chair and the bank account of the party to use against their opponents. Does that seem fair, is that a level playing field, is that letting the citizens decide? This idea completely circumvents the idea of one man/one vote. If you dangle the carrot in front of the mule long enough it will make a grab for it.

    Lets not embarrass ourselves by making another mistake; lets get the County Chair out of the role of judge and jury and back into the role of party leader and conqueror of the Democrats.

  2. I agree, looks like the chair and the inner circle have defined the duties of the chair to a point that defeats its purpose. The chair should unite the party, instead of causing division. Remember power corrupts, leadership and character are always winners. I have personally been attacked by some in this group simply because i don’t agree with them. Most conservatives have the same goals about government. Making enemies is a loser and drives people away.

  3. It is sad, but true, the Galveston County Republican Party has been the “laughing stock” of the folks in Austin for the last 4 years. This is due to the poor leadership of previous Party Chair, John LeCour and now current leader, Barbara Meeks. It is time for our party to become the most RESPECTED group in the state rather then continue to be ridiculed. Get on board and become part of a positive influence for conservatism and patriotism!

  4. I appreciate the notice, but it seems that this is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Didn’t you guys accept money from Bonnen and Malia for your endorsements in 2012? I saw in the campaign finance reports that one of Bonnen’s supporters (Nuterra Holdings) gave you $10,000. Then Bonnen turns around and votes for Medicare expansion… That sure seems back room Chicago dealing to me.

    • Hi Mary,
      No, we did not accept money for our endorsements. Our explanation on each of our endorsements and the vetting we went through in each race is well explained. Consider reading that section of our website, “2012 Endorsements”.

      Our PAC does accept donations and from a variety of folk. If the spirit leads you, we’d be pleased to accept your contributions as well. Contributions help us pay for the massive cost of the tens of thousands of direct mail pieces we send out.

      Finally, we are not the head of the Republican party so it seems your analogy fails there.

      Thanks for your comments!

  5. I was on the last Candidate Review Committee. Barbara Meeks and I have disagreed at times yet Barbara and I have remained friends over the years. We need to express our differences without the personal attacks. The only thing I get from the current article is that the person does not like Barbara Meeks. Are you against the process or just against Barbara controlling the process?

    The two candidates you mentioned were ones I wish we could have said something about to stop their election. We were not allowed to share any information. I do not know what Barbara is proposing at this time. I wish we could do more, but I think we need to be very careful about how much we “control” the process. I believe, if the committee is balanced with representatives of various groups in the Party, then with a unanimous vote of the committee, they could endorse a candidate for a particular office.

    I am not on the executive committee and will not have a vote. I would just encourage all those on the committee to discuss the options without personal attacks and then vote your beliefs.

    • Tommy,
      Thanks for your feedback.

      Regarding “the process…”, the post attempts to make it clear by repeatedly stating that “the voters should decide” that the Galveston County Conservatives believes the voters should decide. There should be no endorsing process at all by the party; none.

      Instead, as Kathie N. and others have stated, the Candidate committee should be able to vet candidates and advise them on confidential matters; past financial challenges, maybe a divorce… making them aware that such things are likely to be raised by opponents, are you ready to combat that and/or have your personal life out in the public arena? Also, advising them on campaign finance… in short, vetting and prepping candidates to ensure that we have a slate of quality candidates to present to the public.

      Regarding personal attacks, since there are none in the post we assume that you don’t like the examination of Barbara’s past actions as chair. Is that a fair statement? The article does not make comments on her personal life but instead examines her on-the-record statements from the recent past which conflict with the image she projects. Barbara professes devotion to unity to an un-informed public but anyone who has spent time with her knows that she lashes out bitterly against anyone who does not agree with her ideas. This is important, because it goes to credibility or lack thereof. One of Barbara’s recent efforts, as published in Chris John Mallios fictional piece in the GDN, is to establish a mythology that ‘she is a woman of her word’. “Trust Barbara”, she wont’ do bad things with this seal process because she says she won’t. Since she has set forth such a preposterous claim, it is fair game to educate folks on the Barbara Meeks reality, therefore we’ve included a short synopsis of Barbara’s efforts towards unity.

      There is nothing personal about any of this, Tommy. We respect that you find the action of confronting lies nasty; we do to. It took us years before we finally started doing it as we realized that unless we did expose Meeks’ outrageous lies, no one else would. and she is going to stop doing it.

      Thanks again for your comments.

    • Dear Sir,

      The attacks everyone is discussing are based on the corrupt behaviour of our party chair and her cronies. It is Barbara’s job to bring in the money, present the candidates, and give equal accessibility to all who are running. Instead my friends were harrassed, excluded from any advertisment opportunity from the republican party, personnally attacked, etc. This is unexceptable behaviour! It’s bad enough to have to deal with the opposing side (The Democrats), but to have to worry about our own Executive Party members? These people need to by ousted. I worked my butt off for Geri and Heidi and I am so glad they prevailed, against all the falsified reports to ethics commission. I continuously called the ethics commission and informed them of how I would take the signs out of the “Right of Way” and put them back where they belonged and how they “Misteriously” were put back, then more reports. This is about corruption. The personal attacks started with Barbara Meeks and her cronies.

  6. Seems to this reader that Ms. Meeks is only interested in self serving power and money and not the values that our party seeks to represent as being all “inclusive”. (well..only if you buy it directly from Meeks)

  7. Sounds like Ms. Meeks is trying to be the female Barrack Hussein Obama and to crown herself Queen. In my opinion Ms. Meeks needs to resign as the Republican Party chair and she smells like a RINO which Texas doesn’t want or need. Maybe Ms. Meeks should consider becoming a Democrat since she acts exactly like a Democrat.

  8. When any individual or select group seeks authority to decide what is good for the people without the voice of the people being preeminent, you have tyranny. The people should decide who to support, and, when they are denied that right they should withdraw their support from the party.
    Marvin Tyson
    Galveston County Coordinator,
    Texas Nationalist Movement

    • Hi Phillip,

      The office is indeed now in La Marque. Previously it was located along 45 in a strip center just south of 518 on the northbound side of the interstate. Neither office, old or new, can hold the full executive committee therefore we always meet at a county facility, typically Calder or the Justice Center in Galveston.

  9. Anyone who values the primary process should find this disturbing if not offensive. Allowing the county chair to influence a primary by using party funds against another Republican in such a way destroys the integrity of the process and centralizes too much power in the hands of too few. As John said above this also opens the door for a pay to play type situation with no oversight nor accountability. This is a matter of principle… it should not matter who the county chair is, no one should have this kind of power, period.

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