Got feelings about Jerry Patterson? Take this poll.

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) have a Republican Primary straw poll going. If you’ve got some strong feeling about these statewide races, oh for instance maybe about Jerry Patterson, or perhaps John Cornyn, you might want to take two minutes to complete the poll.

Located on their Facebook page, the results are currently showing some interesting things. For instance, John Cornyn is running hot, neck and neck with “No Preference”. Greg Abbot is crushing the entire field of GOP gubernatorial candidates.  And Dan Patrick is trending 5% above Jerry Patterson.

Remember how Cornyn supported Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in making Obamacare the issue, protecting the sequester- you know, those actual cuts to the size and growth of government since the Korean War? Or how that stalwart conservative Jerry Patterson helped Galveston protect its sovereignty against the ‘Conciliation Agreement’ and fight back against the Washington interests who are forcing Galveston to once again be the poverty capital of Texas?

If you don’t recall those things, it’s because they didn’t happen. Cornyn the timid and Patterson the paper tiger both like to throw red meat to the audience when it’s stump speech time but when the battle is joined they are either nowhere to be found or worse, they are fighting on the wrong side.

Go make your voice heard; the poll is located here:

One thought on “Got feelings about Jerry Patterson? Take this poll.

  1. My pet peeve with Patterson is how he wants to close Rollover Pass and asked our county commissioners to use eminent domain to grab the land on either side of the pass because the owners refused to allow access for the closure.

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