Big Empty Argument Will Put Criss in the HD23 Seat

The Houston Chronicle has a blog called Big Establishment Republican Politics, aka ‘Big Jolly Politics’ which makes an argument that although Craig Eiland soundly defeated Wayne Faircloth in the last race, 53% to 46%, ‘ole Craig is retiring because he feared he’d lose in his next re-election contest. And since he’s retiring and presumably an R win is all but certain, and although Craig just gave the presumed Democrat nominee Susan Criss $5,000 in December, Republican Bob Senter is Eiland’s secret plan to keep the HD23 seat under quasi-Democrat control.

Only an idiot or someone in Wayne Faircloth’s camp could propose such blather.

We’ve been largely quiet about the HD23 race because for the most part the candidates have been competing on their merits and it’s been a good competition to observe. However, in addition to big empty-headed propaganda from Big Establishment Politics we’ve also heard this same preposterous argument coming out of the mouths of good people so it seemed appropriate to set forth some facts to counter the foolishness.

The Manchurian Candidate Argument

Faircloth’s camp, via Jenning’s blog and a whisper campaign, makes this case: 1.) Senter voted in the D primary in 2008, and 2.) his campaign treasurer voted in the D primary in 2010, and finally 3.) 33% of Senter’s campaign contributions come from Democrats – eg. ‘hard Democrats’ – therefore Senter must be a secret plant of Craig Eiland intended to keep the HD23 seat in quasi –D hands because Eiland had to retire knowing he would lose a reelection battle (presumably against Faircloth again).


Remembering Operation Chaos

Senter, along with millions of other listeners to the Rush Limbaugh program, crossed over and voted for Hillary in accordance with the Operation Chaos program intended to prolong the 2008 Dem presidential primary and thwart the radical Barack Obama’s pending nomination. Are all such 2008 crossovers unfit to hold office? We know a number of currently elected Republican officials – people whose performance has been rock solid on conservative principles – participated in Operation Chaos as well. Ask around- typically, folks will tell you, proudly.

At What Point Does a D become an R?

Galveston County, particularly the southern end of it, is in the process of converting from D to R. The radicalism of the current Democrat administration is causing long time Democrats, including former Democrat county judges, mayors, council members and nice church ladies like Georgia Meyer to abandon former allegiances.

To be specific, Faircloth and his shills are classifying 27 donors as “hard democrats”. Inspecting the voting records, 19 of these donors most recent votes were in the Republican Primary; some have voted in multiple Republican Primaries.  These folks having nothing to gain personally from becoming Rs; they are simply motivated by what they see with their own eyes to change their allegiances the same way Ronald Reagan did.

Georgia Meyer is a fine lady but in her role as campaign treasurer she’s hardly driving Bob Senter’s strategy or how he  might vote once elected. But the larger questions we wish to put to our fellow Republicans aside from this partisan pettiness and pigeon-holing are many:

  • Shall we shun these people because they fail a party longevity test?
  • How many Republican primaries must a former Dem vote in before we cease pegging them as ‘hard Democrats’? Is it more or less than it took for us to warm to Lonnie Cox and give him the esteem in which we hold him today?
  • In many cases these “hard democrat” donors who actually vote Republican have also contributed money to such liberals like Larry Taylor, Randy Weber, Greg Abbott, and Rick Perry.  Perhaps what we’re really seeing is frustration that these folks are not supporting Faircloth.

The Color of Money

Now, let’s apply the next test – the color of a candidate’s campaign – to both:

  • *Faircloth –90% funded by Big Insurance  – eg., State Farm – from outside the county
  • *Senter – contributions are 59% from Rs, 33% from Ds who live in our county

Setting aside our former point about the dubiousness of the Faircloth classification system and sticking with his logic, that 1/3 of Senter’s funds are from Dems therefore we should support big insurance’s candidate. The same big insurance, that, like a good neighbor canceled 11,000 policies in our region. Really?

Faircloth Already Ran and Lost

It’s also important to note that Big Establishment Politics, err, Big Jolly Politics is shilling for the candidate who was most recently our party’s nominee in 2012 and was embarrassed by Craig Eiland in that contest. In a county where the Republican at the top of the ticket – Romney – carried 62% of the vote, Faircloth got 46% to Eiland’s 53%.

Moreover, it’s notable that in the prior election of 2010, the prior Republican nominee, Gary Wilson, achieved slightly better results than Faircloth, garnering 46.8% of the vote though spending a minuscule $2,000 compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars expended in the Faircloth effort. Given this victory track record, the notion that Eiland retired fearful for his seat is preposterous.

Faircloth Already Ran and Lost

Yes, we already said that but it’s worth repeating. Moreover, as recently as December 2013, Craig Eiland gave $5,000 to the Democrat candidate, Susan Criss. Combined with contributions from Democrat party sugar daddy Steve Mostyn, the total of $112,545 on her December campaign finance report make Susan Criss every bit as formidable a competitor as Eiland when he shellacked Faircloth in the last race.



In combination with all the other facts provided above, they only person who would buy into this argument is uninformed – has not thought it through, or a fool or has been bought. All eyes are on this HD23 race and the plaintiff’s bar intends to keep a friend in that seat. Faircloth has already run and lost badly. For these reasons we’re rejecting the guy who thinks it’s his turn and for the caliber of character, past performance in local community causes and professional qualifications we’re endorsing Bob Senter.

9 thoughts on “Big Empty Argument Will Put Criss in the HD23 Seat

  1. GCC makes some good arguments, but I am not convinced either way at this time. Could be a vote either way will put a Democrat in office. Think about that. We still have some time and some debates coming up. Let’s all do our job and make up our own mind based on what we believe the facts might be. jb

    • JB, the debates are pretty much done.

      We have your film from the TEA Party, the Galveston Pachyderms, and the Daily News to review the candidates.

      Looks like Faircloth has dusted off his old playbook and began burning down the house ….. I know both Chambers and Galveston doesnt like that too much….

      A guy that tries to win on partisan versus substance usually fails… I like the job interview the TEA Party did and I really like the daytime Pachyderms and what they did…. the Daily News forum was like icing on the cake.

      • JT,

        Re partisan comparisons – that was the underlying essence of our post. Failure is often a powerful teacher and we’ve noted improvement in Faircloth as a candidate since he lost last time. We’ve given that feedback to the Faircloth’s directly. Ergo, we’ve been pleased to see the candidates competing on substance instead of longevity or who knows more Republican/associates with fewer Democrats, eg. “the only true Republican” silliness. You know, the kind of thing Barbara Meeks propagates.

        That the partisan hack-job whisper campaign has erupted into a roar signals desperation and merited comment.

        BTW- yes, the Pachyderm event was excellent, TJ/GDN likewise. We missed the tea party show but heard it was good as well. Kudos to all who put on such events.

  2. Steve Mostyn is bad news – this race is not for sale.
    Craig Eiland’s only connection to Bob Senter is that they both went to Baylor at the same time.

  3. This is an excellent analysis. I too participated in operation chaos in 2008. The vast majority of Republicans did. I vetted the candidates and met with Senter for two hours early in the race. I am endorsing him. As a retired insurance executive, I would put my faith in an independent agent responsible to shop for his clients vs a captive agent directed by one company.

  4. Still trying to figure out why Faircloth and his supporters believe that he “deserves” to be the Republican candidate. Why would I, as a conservative, support someone who has openly said that he would support liberal, Joe Strauss?

  5. Very good analysis. I like your endorsement. It’s the same old trick these folks use every election. Once they feel threatened, they pull the D card or RINO card. It’s been successful so they will continue to play it. The Republican Party in Galveston County needs to change the party chair, county judge and a couple of county commissioners, just to name a few and they DO NOT need to elect Faircloth in the primary.

    Jason …….keep up the good work my friend.

  6. I think this is very helpful in disseminating the information put out on Wayne Faircloth, but I have to disagree with a couple of items on Craig Eiland.

    1. He continued to win the only Democrat seat in Galveston County because HD23 is the only race where the north county Republicans can’t overwhelm the south county Democrats. (This means that Susan Criss will also be a tough opponent. Especially since most races don’t have a Dem running, so they can concentrate their money on her.)

    2. He acts like he single-handedly saved UTMB even though the President of UTMB said, at a Pachyderm Club meeting several years ago, that many state representatives were involved because they knew how important it was to the state and region. The Corpus Christi rep was the one convonced to pu it on their bill at the last minute before the session was over.

    3. Rather than doing something about TWIA as our representative, Eiland sued on behalf of clients, many of whom were loyal to him despite party affiliation.
    That said: Eiland is definitely not afraid of losing his seat. He is going after more millions of $$ with his pal Mostyn in New York, to play the ambulance chaser game with the Hurricane Sandy victims. Good riddance.

    Thank you Linda Burton for your insight on insurance agents.

    I did not participate in Operation Chaos. I was naive enough to think we could stop a McCain nomination.

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