Grady Was For the Buzbee Endorsement Until She Was Against It

Campaigns are crucibles of intense pressure and thus well suited as a character test for the candidate seeking your support. Blatant hypocrisy can be a useful indicator of how a candidate might perform when the going gets tough in elected office.

Maybe you’ve seen the recent kerfuffle made by the establishmentarians about Tony Buzbee’s involvement in our local 212th District Court race. Apparently, the truth behind all the phony outrage is that candidate Patricia Grady was for the Tony Buzbee endorsement before she was against it. It also appears that Steve Mostyn is a Grady fan.

 Strange Bedfellows

Maybe they are coming to terms with the reality that is Republican domination of Texas politics. Maybe they are like any other good business owner who joins the local chamber or some other organization in an effort to protect their personal interest. In one case, maybe it’s an A&M thing. Or maybe the radicalism, the extremism of the Obama Administration is changing their own personal convictions and party allegiances; after all, if you kill the golden goose that is American business, where shall the plaintiffs bar get eggs?  Whatever the case, prominent plaintiffs attorney’s Steve Mostyn and Tony Buzbee have begun to get involved in the Republican Primaries.

Hyper-Partisans: Do We Want Buzbee’s $2M or Should He Send it to Wendy Davis?

Exhibit A is Tony Buzbee. Recent highlights include Buzbees’ generous donations to Perry’s PAC, Perry’s appointment of Buzbee to the TAMU Board of Regents, and Buzbee’s fundraising for Greg Abbott.  Perhaps the end times are truly here; dogs and cats living together, Buzbee becomes a GOP backer, joins the Federalist Society. For the reactionary hyper partisans out there, consider this. It takes a lot of money to win a statewide race. Would you rather Buzbee raised $2M for Wendy Davis or are we GOP’ers willing to tolerate Buzbee coming into the tent to help us keep Texas red?

Grady Wanted Buzbee’s Endorsement Until She Didn’t Get It

The email trail below tells it all. Pat reaches out to Buzbee last summer, doing what candidates normally do. Specifically, go meet the major stakeholders in the issues relevant to your race or campaign, seek to gain their input and support.

Apparently, Tony was out of town for a bit but on coming back informs Pat that he’s already committed to supporting another candidate. Tony wishes Pat well and that was the end of it. Until it wasn’t.

Queue up the Outrage: “My Opponent is Supported by the Person I Wanted to be Supported By…”

“I was for it before I was against it” John F Kerry

Failing to get Tony Buzbee’s support, Pat Grady has channeled the haughty John Kerry, that immortal flip flopper, by incorporating into her stump speech denouncements of her opponent for being supported by Buzbee. Grady has enlisted others to parrot this line, including local GOP king-making party boss Barbara Meeks, a master of union-thug tactics who can be relied upon to accuse others of union-thug tactics.  We believe that character counts and the pressure of a campaign is well suited to illustrate exactly how a person might perform under the pressures of the office they seek to win. Do they go with the easy, opportunistic choice or do they stand on principle? Are they the kind of folks who will say whatever they think the audience in front of them wants to hear? You be the judge.

Failing with Buzbee, Grady Succeeds with Steve Mostyn

Folks interested in tort reform are familiar with Tony Buzbee but also fellow trial attorney heavyweight Steve Mostyn. No surprise that Tony and Steve are at least familiar with each other, maybe friends. The correspondence below shows Tony pitching Steve on getting behind his preferred candidate and Steve declining. Steve says he can’t because he’s already supporting Grady.

Barbara Meeks is a master of the strawman argument; meaning, setting up an argument no one has made such that it can be easily discredited. We’re unaware of any direct Mostyn campaign contributions to Grady nor has anyone we know made that allegation. Maybe Steve simply has a Grady sign in his yard?





7 thoughts on “Grady Was For the Buzbee Endorsement Until She Was Against It

  1. Thanks, Jason, for posting this information. I’m sure this will not be the last we hear about it.

    One of Barbara Meeks’ minions, Shawn Christopher Phillips, has been posting pretty nasty stuff in The Guidry News about Brett Griffin on almost a daily business. He does not have facts to back his “blathering”. Now, on the other hand, he is a huge promoter of Ms. Grady and is probably receiving prompting from both her and Barbara Meeks. BM has been endorsing several of her favorites in the primaries and as the Republican County Chairwoman, this goes completely against the normal ethical requirements for someone in that position…the damage she has done to the county party is totally outrageous.

    Ms. Grady totally lost her “cool” at the Pachyderms’ weekly luncheon on Thursday when addressing the topic of receiving backing from Steve Mostyn. I’m not sure about others, but this is not the type of person who I would want to be running the 212 court.

    There are other candidates who are much more qualified. …She has foolishly been trying to “call the kettle black” when she has done what she accuses Mr. Griffin of doing.

  2. John Kerry ” I was for the war before I was against the war”
    Bill Clinton ” it all dependes on what “Is Is” ?
    Tony Busbee. ” I was the democratic chairman before I started funding Republican Judge races”
    Tony Busbee ” I have a lot of friends in Austin and often spend the night at the governors mansion ( Tony Busbee at the BP deposition with me Aug 2013) I believe he was telling the truth.

  3. Thank you for posting the truth. Ms. Grady has been personally smearing my mother, Lianne Russell and calling her a liar as well as that guy, Shawn Christopher Phillips.
    Now that the truth is out, maybe they will publicly apologize.

    Trey Hancock

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  5. Has no one noticed the weird time stamps on the email asking if Mostyn is supporting Grady (4:38 pm) and the reply of “yes” (4:36 pm)? The reply happened before the question was asked, or went back in time to answer it.

    • Hi Elaine,
      Yes, we noticed that.

      Email computer programs use the time as provided by the computer’s internal clock. The clock on my computer is likely slightly off from what your computer states the time to be, and the same is likely true for Mostyn and Buzbee. Some computers have an option to take a time reading from a centrally located ‘world clock’ but not all do so.

      Go look at the time on your phone, computer, work computer, iPad, etc. Do they all match? Mine do not.

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