Galveston County Conservative Republicans Endorsements

Galveston County Conservatives are pleased to present our endorsements in the 2014 election season. Because we are active in the Republican party and closely follow local, county and state government issues, we know the candidates in the race, scrutinize their resumes, personal backgrounds and character in an effort to carefully assess those most likely to serve well in elected office.

Be sure to check out our “2014 Endorsements” page and let us know your feedback. Early voting starts next Tuesday, February 18th.

2 thoughts on “Galveston County Conservative Republicans Endorsements

  1. I was shocked by the list of candidates who are preferred by the Conservative Republicans of Galveston County! I can’t believe who is endorsed and not endorsed!! I guess I will no longer consider myself a conservative Republican. I will still vote Republican but I will NOT vote for whom you endorse!

    • Hi Steve,
      If you’ve read the research and articles relevant to each of the races we’ve endorsed in and still disagree with our selections, we respect your opinion. Performance and not popularity, actual records and not friendships are what our endorsements are based upon. We got into politics to try and promote reform; not for social purposes, to make friends.

      If you feel your conservative credentials are in question, we understand. Tuning in to the Rush Limbaugh program during the day, Michael Berry program in the evening will help set you right.

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