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  1. Re the Presidential election: I believe the opposition went thru records of people in nursing homes (as an example); promoted unregistered people to vote, and openly solicited ‘mail in voting’ to use a few select addresses in order to fill out the ballots as desired.
    Who can I write to in an effort to stop this, or if it’s ‘legal’, promote Republicans to access new voters in the Democrat fashion?

    • Hello Mr. Davis,
      The overall process you describe is one which we’ve heard of. One thing we would adjust about your description however is the idea that unregistered people are voting. While they may vote a provisional ballot, it is unlikely the votes are counted. If you have concrete proof that unregistered people received mail in ballots, that is something that should be brought to the attention of the County Voter Registrar, Cheryl Johnson, and the County Clerk, Dwight Sullivan. I expect you will find both eager to pursue whatever effort necessary to put a stop to any unlawful activity.

      We’re enthusiastic about getting new folks to register to vote, and then ensuring they are well informed to vote.

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