Faircloth: Not Wanting to Go Hungry, Backing Strauss for Speaker

Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss has been a lightning rod. Love him or oppose him, there’s no denying that a Republican Speaker put in place by the minority Democrat party and his track record since are issues meriting discussion during the primary.

In case you missed the Galveston Daily News Texas House District 23 Candidate Forum, candidate Wayne Faircloth stated his intention to back current House Speaker Joe Strauss for fear of being seated in the parking lot and going hungry.

Texas Spending Grows in Tandem with the Reign of Liberal GOP House Speaker Strauss

Strauss rules with an iron fist, requiring that other House members sign pledge cards of loyalty to him or else face dire consequences. Freshman House members, not wanting to risk getting poor committee assignments or otherwise rendered ineffective, will typically waffle on this issue during primary season, trying to sound conservative to the folks back home but not go on the record as opposing Strauss. And so Strauss continues, session after session, and the Texas budget grows and grows in tandem with the accounting gimmicks that allow members to claim when they are back home that they balanced the budget.

Not Wanting to Risk Going Hungry, Faircloth Goes on the Record as For Joe Strauss

In the recent Galveston Daily News Candidate Forum, moderator TJ Aulds put the question to GOP candidates Senter and Faircloth, and also to Democrat candidate Susan Criss. Senter stated an intention, if elected, to vote for the most conservative Texas House Speaker candidate. Criss waffled but also went on at length about how helpful Strauss had been to Democrat Craig Eiland. Faircloth, to his credit, made a definitive stand in support of Joe Strauss. According to Faircloth, he has to back Strauss otherwise he may go hungry.

In the even the link above does not work, copy and paste this url in your browser and start at the 2:51:23 point in the video. www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgayQCkTnJY#t=10283



One thought on “Faircloth: Not Wanting to Go Hungry, Backing Strauss for Speaker

  1. This hard headed opposition to the will of the more conservative elements in the GCRP has been an expensive lesson for Wayne, and he has evidently not learned it yet. JS must go for Texas to move forward on many conservative issues. If Wayne wants to represent The conservative base of the Republican party, who probably will not vote in the race since there is no good choice, he needs to change his tune and announce to the world that he will vote what is best for his constituents and not his committee appointments. The democrats are going to support his opponent, there fore Wayne will need all the votes he can get and that includes the conservatives. Wayne, do you really want it?? jb

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