Judge Henry: He’s 60% There.

We like it when candidates compete on merit. When they veer off into inventing complete fiction, we feel compelled to respond and at least attempt to set the record straight, to the extent that we can.

Judge Mark Henry used the Daily News to smear his opponent in a way that was 100% dishonest. Is he trying to distract voters from knowing that at least 40% of his time is spent chasing supplemental income, doing things we didn’t elect him to do?

Disclaimer: We Once Supported Judge Henry

In the beginning, we liked Mark Henry. Held a meet-and-greet in our home for him, told all our friends, family and network to vote for him, put out signs for him and whatnot. Then he got elected and began his job. And we became very disappointed.

You Can’t Cut Your Way to Prosperity. Cost Cutting and A Growth Strategy Are Required.

Any business owner can tell you that if you’ve any revenues at all, it’s real easy to show a profit. Simply slash costs, and boom! your done. Instant profit margins. The downside of that is you may severely limit your ability to grow in the future so you have to focus on both reducing costs but also growing the business.

We applaud the Commissioners’ Court for cutting taxes. But we’re disappointed that it stops at that. In fact, instead of trying to grow our local tax base by attracting new business, Judge Henry’s been trying to give away the Bolivar Peninsula- arguably the best beaches in our County. Bolivar has tremendous potential to be our own South Padre Island-type resort destination. But it will take work.

And the Judge is Too Busy. Supplemental Income is Needed.

Maybe Judge Henry is too busy to fool around with Bolivar. After all, it is a hard thing to manage and besides, he’s busy supplementing his income pinch hitting for local county court judges.

As Harvey Rice over at the Chronicle details and is confirmed by Judge Henry’s official attestation, at least 40% of his time as County Judge is spent doing things we did not elect him to do. Like chase a supplemental income of $15,000 per year.

Don’t take our word for it- read it yourself:Mark Henry On the Job 60 Percent of the Time

Judge Henry’s Chem City Fiction

Judge Henry used the Galveston Daily News’ Candidate Questionnaire to accuse his opponent, Michelle Hatmaker, of making a movie that is negative about Texas City. This is a complete fabrication.

Hatmaker was in a Lifetime TV-type production, The Bracelet of Bordeaux,  a 2009-era, Frank Eakin production that was filmed entirely in The Woodlands. This children’s movie delivers a message that the aforementioned bracelet changes you and should only be used for good and only by the right people. In the story, the Hixon family’s move to Chem City, Texas began with a theft from their new home and meeting of a young girl whose poodle was one of many victims of a dog theft ring.  The crime ring is busted thanks to the proper use of power delivered by the bracelet – an artifact stored away in the attic of the poodle owner’s grandmother from her life in Nazi Germany.

Somehow, Judge Henry has chosen to use this Austin Film Festival award winner to perpetrate a complete lie upon the citizens and voters of Galveston County. There is nothing negative in this movie about Texas City; to the contrary, the movie portrays the oil industry as a good and necessary business, the dad is oilman and not a polluter. Why Henry would choose to invent such a hoax is baffling and disappointing.

Relevant sidebar note: the loss of the County ad business left the GDN toothless and subservient.

That the Daily News allowed itself to be used in the fashion and also endorse the Judge is understandable. The Commissioner’s Court’s recent switch of all of its business to the GDN’s competitor has left them Taylor, Aulds and company toothless and subservient. The last publisher lost his job over the lost County income and hey, the paper has to make a buck, too.

We Get It: He’s Busy and Can’t Be Bothered

Those of us who work multiple jobs know what it’s like to be busy so we’re somewhat sympathetic to the Judge that he’s only got about 3 days a week to devote to the judge. We encourage you to vote Mark out of office so that he has more time to devote to his other pursuits.







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  1. I really appreciate the effort to do the public service your news letter provides. I find the information enlightening and informative. It helps me do my own research and provides sources of information that save me countless hours of research. Thanks for the great effort and best wished for continued success. jb

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  3. He never should have been elected in the 1st place, he was not qualified to hold the position and has been nothing short of horrible for 4 years

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