Ted Poe Outs the Part Time Judge.

Their internal polling must be bad, else Mark Henry’s campaign would not stoop to claiming endorsements he’s not received. Maybe you received Judge Henry’s most recent mail piece, claiming an array of endorsements. Apparently, Congressman Ted Poe was not pleased at his name being used in vain.

Character Counts: How Many Lies Before You’ve Had Enough?

Regular readers of these pages know that we’ve endorsed Michelle Hatmaker for the County Judge job and the reasons we’ve given. Here’s another reason that is consistent with a point we continue to make; because campaigns are pressure cookers and place emotional stress on candidates, they are ideal to bring out the true character of the people who seek your support. After all, most everyone is “nice” and “pleasant” at the meet and greet or over at the local Republican network gathering and related shindigs. It’s only when they are under pressure do you get insight into the true character and integrity of the person or lack thereof.

Not White Lies But Insight Into How Politicians Perform When You’re Not Looking

Once elected, will they be true to their promises? Will they seek to use the power of public office to reward friends, enrich themselves? Candidates like to tout how long they’ve been a Republican, their hours volunteered down at the local party office and whatnot – we submit that while these things are interesting, what is most revealing is their actual character themselves. And Mark Henry lies.

Ted Poe Sets it Straight: “I’ve Endorsed No One”

At least Ted Poe says so. Here’s the excerpt from his website:

If Judge Henry had really done all those things he claims in his direct mailings, would he have a need to claim endorsements from a Congressman that has not actually endorsed him? Is it desperation or maybe the Judge was too busy with his other pursuits to check with Poe and confirm that what he thought he had he actually had?

Vote for Michelle Hatmaker. We need a full time judge with integrity.





3 thoughts on “Ted Poe Outs the Part Time Judge.

  1. You are so correct that pressure brings out the true self. Those of us who know employees at the County and follow COMMISSIONER’s Court have long been aware of his demeanor and propensity to shall we say “shade” the truth. It is time the average voter see why we desperately need Michelle Hatmaker to restore ethics and integrity in our County government.

  2. The thing about telling a lie, is that you usually have to tell a few more of them to cover your tracks. Why are people not asking Mark Henry about his failed businesses in other states, the selling of tainted fuel to the military and his indiscriminate actions toward his teenage son?

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