Vote Early and…Please Take This List of Endorsements With You

Early voting for the 2016 Primary Election is here! Please vote for Cox, Slaughter, Apffel, Montez, Fullen, Alvarez, and Robb when the polls open tomorrow.

Local Focus to Primary Endorsements

The “must-see-TV” nature of this year’s Presidential Primary is such that we’ll assume you’ve already made up your mind on that race (if you haven’t, know that we’ll be voting for Ted Cruz!). We’ll mention a few “top of the ticket” endorsements:

  • Supreme Court of Texas, Place 3: Michael Massengale
  • Supreme Court of Texas, Place 9: Eva Guzman
  • Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2: Ray Wheless
  • Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5: Brent Webster

…but overall our focus is on the hotly contested local races.

Some highlights:

56th Judicial Court: Lonnie Cox

The Commissioner’s Court Cabal had run roughshod over everyone until Lonnie and the other judges pushed back. No matter what creative spin Ken Clark and Mark Henry attempt to put on it, nor that of their puppet candidate – Wayne Mallia – the Commissioners have lost, lost, lost, and lost again in each court battle. The bottom line is the judiciary is independent by design and Cox is in the right. Moreover, Lonnie and his wife Alison embody every aspect of the term “public servant”, exemplified by their deep community involvement throughout the County. Vote Lonnie Cox, no question.

405th Judicial Court: Michelle Slaughter

We’ve already written extensively on Slaughter’s performance; the data bear witness to her hard work and commitment to the job. Vote Michelle Slaughter; again, no question.

Commissioners’ Court Precinct 1: Darrell Apffel

The election of Joe Giusti brought a reasoned conservative to the court. Adding Appfel ensures Giusti has an ally and a check on Henry and Clark when their tendency towards the ¬†goonish begins to manifest. Paulissen is Clark and Henry’s puppet pick, ditto for Meeks. Vote Darrell Apffel.

Constable Precinct 1: Mike Montez

We had high hopes for Rick Sharp when he was elected and have been disappointed at his actual performance. Rick’s focus appears to be elsewhere and his office management is sloppy. In contrast, Montez is highly regarded. Vote Montez in this one.

Constable Precinct 2: Jimmy Fullen

No explanation is necessary; just do it.

County Chair: Marie Robb

We’ve written extensively about Meeks’; her knack for bullying, her penchant to flat-out lie, complete lack of integrity, use of the party as bully pulpit to hustle insurance, her attempts at king making with the crony candidate committee, extensive use of frivolous Texas Ethics filings to harass other Republicans, home wrecking (wait- we’ve not gone into that) – the list goes on and on. Gustafson is her hand-picked successor who in his short tenure as interim chair has proven to be an affable but mindless tool of Meeks and her goon squad.

Vote Marie Robb here; it’s time for a change of perspective and fresh ideas.

Sample Ballot: Did You Receive “The Republican”?

Our sample ballot went out by mail in our inaugural edition of “The Republican” newsletter. Hopefully you were one of the tens of thousands who received it. If not, a copy is conveniently provided below.

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