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Led by Jason Delgado, a previous Galveston County Republican Party Precinct chair, the Galveston County Conservatives are a group of conservative Republicans who are active in the Republican party and committed to furthering conservative principles.

We believe that leaders like Barry Goldwater & Ronald Reagan pioneered and popularized the principles of fiscal responsibility and accountability, strong national and personal defense, limited government and freedom…the principles that are aligned with the vision of our Founding Fathers and which are largely responsible for America’s greatness.

We believe that its not enough to simply vote Republican. Republicans can and often will stray from our conservative principles. Therefore, our mission is to identify and promote the candidates who share our principles and then hold them accountable once elected. By doing so, our hope is to find and promote the next generation of bold conservative leaders; that among us are our own versions of Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

Comparing their Principles: Conservatives versus Liberals

The table below is intended to provide comparison of the key conservative principles with those of liberals who are driving the Democrat party.

Conservative Republicans
Free enterprise system provides opportunity Government programs provide opportunity
For victim’s rights having precedence over criminal’s rights For the rights of criminals
For capital punishment Oppose capital punishment
Support the rights of citizens to own guns For gun control
For income tax cuts For tax increases and income redistribution
For parental choice in education using tax credits and vouchers For government monopoly in education
For employment hiring based upon merit For affirmative action
For free-market solutions to health care For government controlled health care
For traditional family values For teaching homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle
For the sanctity of human life For abortion on demand
For cutting government spending and regulation For increasing government spending and regulation
For eliminating government entitlement programs For maintaining and expanding government programs

Join us.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Your “About” section doesn’t tell me much about “who” you are. Yes, you have what you stand for but not who you are. When do you meet? Who’s involved? Do you have officers? Who recommended candidates to be endorsed? I’m asking because the candidates you chose aren’t the ones I see as the most conservation and aren’t the ones that stand for the values, I believe, our founding fathers intended for our wonderful country.

    • Hello Iris,
      Galveston County Conservatives is headed by Jason Delgado but represents a number of passionate, conservative voters and political activists. What we’ve learned through the past few years of being active in the party organization itself is that the Republican Party has a purpose but it’s purpose is not necessarily focused on achieving conservative outcomes.

      We’ve not made a feature of our personal identities because the PAC is not about us; it is about furthering candidates whom we believe can best represent and advocate for the conservative principles we hold dear. Thus, we’re communicating on a variety of issues and are focused on the issues and candidates but very little about us personally.

      I’m only responding to your comment on this now because it has come to our attention that Wayne Faircloth, Barbara Meeks and others are actively spreading disinformation and outright lies about our organization in an attempt to discredit our work. In fact, only today Faircloth was telling folks at a local poll that we’re a Democrat front group because we have chosen to support (1.) Wayne Mallia, that (2.) I and my family have been promised or paid money by Craig Eiland, the Doyle family of Texas City, and (3.) his campaign is doing robocalls this afternoon announcing that I am backed by trial lawyers. So it seemed important to address your comment today.

      Going forward, our mission will continue to be on getting conservatives elected and holding them accountable. That includes folks we’d expect you’d probably agree with (Ted Cruz) and others that you may not.

  2. Can you PLEASE tell me why John Pruitt, the Galveston County Democrat for Sheriff has a sign indicating that he is “TEA Party Endorsed”? Can you also tell my why his campaign is soliciting votes for two Tea Party Candidates running for City Coucil in League City? Or maybe, the appropriate question, has the Tea Party changed its platform?

    Thank you, and looking forward to your response!

    Carol Price

    • Hi Carol,

      Pruitt’s promotional materials refer to support from Larry Schumacher, a member of the Galveston County TEA party (GCTP). Although the GCTP itself has a strict policy against endorsing candidates, Larry is a flagrant abuser of the policy and has enabled/allowed Pruitt to make such statements and representations.

      We’re not aware of Pruitt’s campaign soliciting support for the city council candidates and so are unable to comment on that.

      Thank you for the feedback!

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