2014 Primary Endorsements

Galveston County Conservatives are pleased to present our endorsements in the 2014 election season. Because we are active in the Republican party and closely follow local, county and state government issues, we personally know these candidates as well as their opponents. This vantage point gives us a unique opportunity to get to know and carefully assess these individuals. As a result, in each race we will endorse the candidate we believe is the strongest advocate for commonsense, conservative principles proven to ensure fiscal responsibility, accountability, freedom and prosperity for our county and for all Texans.

We will not necessarily endorse in every race.

2014 Republican Primary Endorsements

We Endorse
State Rep 23 Bob Senter Principled, dedicated, high integrity; Bob’s years of exemplifying these attributes in the local Chamber, the Texas City ISD Foundation and more are why civic leaders across the County support him.His opponent is working hard to distract voters from the substance in this race. We set the record straight and dispel the nonsense here.

We need Bob representing us in Austin.

County Judge Michelle Hatmaker A successful entrepreneur with a track record of support for conservative causes and the local party, Michelle would bring the principled, pro-business leadership the Commissioners Court needs to woo more businesses to the county and create jobs.
212th District Court Bret Griffin Governor Rick Perry cites the extent of Bret’s experience as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney over 13 years as the reasons he appointed Griffin to fill the vacancy in this Court. We agree and encourage you support him with your vote as well.
County Court No. 2 Barbara Roberts We supported Barbara in her campaign four years ago and given her performance since so no reason to change. Judge Roberts is quality, first class and merits your vote.
Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Alison Cox Alison’s 40 years of community involvement in church, schools, volunteer organizations, and the Republican Party, illustrate the objective, reasonable and wise character we want in the Precinct 1 JP Court.
District Attorney Jack Roady We campaigned for Jack when he was elected four years ago and continue to support him today. Jack has the integrity, dedication and principle we want in our top law enforcement official and the steady head necessary to ensure justice is done.
County Party Chair DJ Alvarez It’s time to end the scandals, cronyism and corruption in the local party. DJ’s decades of service in law enforcement make him a well known and respected leader across the region. His credibility and principled leadership can put the party back on track.

Click here to download a printer-friendly version of the sample ballot.

11 thoughts on “2014 Primary Endorsements

  1. There are definitely two sides to every story….that’s what I love about this website. Love your selections….but we will see come November elections who the final victors are.

    • Hi Diane,
      Appreciate your kudos.

      We’re liking some of those folks you mention but feel our analysis is not yet sufficient to choose one, yet.

      • With early voting starting in 3 days, time is running out to endorse! Texas desperately needs a true constitutional conservative to stand with Ted Cruz in the Senate, and the only real one in the race is Dwayne Stovall! Cornyn is killing us here, and Stockman is out to lunch in every way. Stovall is the only hope we have to put Texas first and stand strong against the fiscal insanity in D.C.!

  2. Am looking for endorsements for all Galveston County. Is what you have posted on your website all that are running AND being endorsed by Tea Party?

    • Yes, for local races the slate that we’ve presented is the total of our endorsement activities in the primary, for now. We put considerable research into each of these races; there’s a limit on how much of that we can get done with existing, volunteer staff. For races where we feel we’ve incomplete research, we choose to stay out until such time as we feel confident we’ve thoroughly vetted all candidates.

      The upside of this is you can trust the research we’ve done on those we have endorsed in.

  3. Would you please verify if you and this PAC are the responsible party for some of the horrific flyers on Republican candidates that I have received over the last two weeks?


    Carol Price

    • Hello Carol,

      All direct mailings we send out have our PAC name identified on them, as required by Texas Ethics.
      We have sent out mail promoting certain candidates, and we have sent out mail opposing certain candidates.

      None are *horrible* in our opinion but instead rely on facts and are properly sourced. We can understand and appreciate that some of the information revealed may be unpleasant. We encourage folks to vote but to vote based on facts, not emotions.

      Appreciate your comments.

  4. Good Job, I hope enough of wise people voted early, looks like awful weather Tuesday.

    Henry says he cut taxes three times. He didn’t tell you that the previous administration gave him $11 million dollars that was earmarked for indigent care that he used to provide the 1/2 cent tax cut.

    He said he lowered the debt. Of course he did, the county is paying down the $300 million dollar bond issue that voters approved.

    He said he saved money, the money came from the Fed reducing the prime rate to near zero. The county benefited greatly because of this.

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