If you agree with us that self-serving, career politicians are the problem, that government that governs the least governs best, that we are only entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then we need you to join with Galveston County Conservatives and support the cause.

All of your support goes directly into supporting people who are willing to stand for what is right, to fight for families, small businesses and the future of our cities, county, and for Texas against career politicians’ and their arrogant big-government culture.

We run a lean operation with the most minimal of overhead, and we use your resources to reach voters and get results.

There is no legal limit on how much you can give, but give what you can. We think Texas is still worth the fight. Thanks.

Send Money!

Galveston County Conservatives PAC

PO Box 843, Hitchcock, TX 77563

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