2012 Primary Flashback: Gnashing of Teeth. Today: Applauding Judge Michelle Slaughter

Substantial effort goes into our endorsements – both the candidate research as well as candidate promotion. And we’re proud of the performance of those candidates we endorsed whom have been elected. Ted Cruz, Greg Bonnen, Henry Trochessett, John Kinard, Cheryl Johnson… the list goes on.

We took major heat in the last primary over the decision to endorse former Judge Wayne Mallia over candidate Michelle Slaughter. Worried about Michelle’s relative inexperience and the lack of substance in the hyper partisan arguments made in favor of her, we decided the best course was to stick with the incumbent. Wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued. Given all that, we wish to state firmly, for the record, that we could not be more pleased at Judge Slaughter’s performance in her first year on the bench.

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Galveston County Conservative Republicans Endorsements

Galveston County Conservatives are pleased to present our endorsements in the 2014 election season. Because we are active in the Republican party and closely follow local, county and state government issues, we know the candidates in the race, scrutinize their resumes, personal backgrounds and character in an effort to carefully assess those most likely to serve well in elected office.

Be sure to check out our “2014 Endorsements” page and let us know your feedback. Early voting starts next Tuesday, February 18th.

Grady Was For the Buzbee Endorsement Until She Was Against It

Campaigns are crucibles of intense pressure and thus well suited as a character test for the candidate seeking your support. Blatant hypocrisy can be a useful indicator of how a candidate might perform when the going gets tough in elected office.

Maybe you’ve seen the recent kerfuffle made by the establishmentarians about Tony Buzbee’s involvement in our local 212th District Court race. Apparently, the truth behind all the phony outrage is that candidate Patricia Grady was for the Tony Buzbee endorsement before she was against it. It also appears that Steve Mostyn is a Grady fan.

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Got Property Rights? Hatmaker Makes a Stand.

Straddling the fence on hot issues is stock in trade for politicians, particularly those running for office. Hence, it’s notable when a candidate takes a firm stand on a hot button issue, particularly one in which all other candidates are attempting to be all things to all people.

In case you missed it, Hatmaker has come down on the side of the property owners on the Bolivar Peninsula, specifically the Gilchrist Community Association and the Gulf Coast Rod, Reel, and Gun Club.


In Case You Missed It: Videos of Recent Candidate Forums

In case you’ve been busy “burning the candle at both ends”…”drinking from a firehose”…”got too many irons in the fire”…”having to take a ready/fire/aim approach”…”having to jump through hoops because the big cheese is making lots of noise”… or in some way descriptive by any of the comedic clichés we all use to describe our lives, a quick digest has been assembled of some of the recent candidate forums, debates and what not that may give insight into the folks on the ballot and what their positions on the issues are.

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Big Empty Argument Will Put Criss in the HD23 Seat

The Houston Chronicle has a blog called Big Establishment Republican Politics, aka ‘Big Jolly Politics’ which makes an argument that although Craig Eiland soundly defeated Wayne Faircloth in the last race, 53% to 46%, ‘ole Craig is retiring because he feared he’d lose in his next re-election contest. And since he’s retiring and presumably an R win is all but certain, and although Craig just gave the presumed Democrat nominee Susan Criss $5,000 in December, Republican Bob Senter is Eiland’s secret plan to keep the HD23 seat under quasi-Democrat control.

Only an idiot or someone in Wayne Faircloth’s camp could propose such blather.

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Your Call: Back Room Deals or Let the Voters Decide?

Sunday’s Galveston Daily News ran a story about Barbara Meek’s intention to adopt a “Seal of Approval” process for bestowing the party’s blessing on Republican primary candidates. Fellow Republicans must strongly oppose this action and instead support letting the voters decide who our candidates will be. Here’s the back story you need to know which was only summarized in the GDN article. Continue reading