Good Republican Candidates Needed for District Clerk. Apply Within.

A few years back, we were pleased to host a meet-and-greet in our home for a slate of Republican candidates. We invited lots of people; a couple dozen friends and neighbors came. We encouraged all to vote for these folks; indeed, to vote straight ticket, keep it simple.

All those folks won their races. Many have gone on to make us proud through their performance in public office and some have even become good friends.  A couple did not make us so proud. Continue reading

Devils and Whores! Where Did the Republican Unity Go? An Open Letter to Barbara Meeks.

Dear Barbara,

As I said in our Executive Committee meeting on July 9th, the Republican Unity Rally held June 20th was a good idea and the effect of increasing the harmony and team spirit amongst the local GOP was a great outcome. Excellent speakers (Apostle Claver, Borah Van Dormolen, Jeannie Koenig, Linda Burton, JT Edwards, others), excellent results!

I was puzzled therefore to receive the attached correspondence wherein it would seem that just a week after the Unity rally, you were calling me out as a devil behind the scenes Continue reading