Good Republican Candidates Needed for District Clerk. Apply Within.

A few years back, we were pleased to host a meet-and-greet in our home for a slate of Republican candidates. We invited lots of people; a couple dozen friends and neighbors came. We encouraged all to vote for these folks; indeed, to vote straight ticket, keep it simple.

All those folks won their races. Many have gone on to make us proud through their performance in public office and some have even become good friends.  A couple did not make us so proud. Continue reading

Musical Chairs and Hip Waders

The exit of Jason Murray from the Galveston County District Clerk position and the resignation of Mark Foster from his seat as Justice of the Peace, Precinct 7 (to pursue the Party nomination for County Commissioner, Precinct 1) have combined to create an intriguing game of Republican Party musical chairs.

The timing of these resignations is such that special elections must be held to fill these posts. Continue reading

The Party Life

Come to Terms with it: People and Parties will Fail, Principles will Not

Being right is rarely sufficient to win. In fact, if we look to the marketplace of consumer goods- you know, cars, appliances, phones, that sort of thing – it would seem a rare occurrence indeed when the best product actually wins. What commonly happens in the marketplace of products is that one which is supported by the best marketing efforts (and oftentimes, yes that means money!) and related execution is the product which wins. It would seem that this holds true in the marketplace for political ideas.

Political conservatives who have voted on principle over the years have been coming out of the bleachers in droves of late. Many of said good folks who have gotten into the game – promoting ideas, promoting candidates, running for office – have been sorely disappointed. What they’ve learned is Continue reading